Joyous Celebration 24 – The Rock (Worship)

The Rock (Worship)

A new album by the South African gospel music group Joyous Celebration 24 called “The Rock (Worship)” has been released.

View the album below, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of this most recent endeavor.

Mukhulu UJesu’s “Joyful Celebration” and Sefila Medley’s “Joyful Celebration”
UJesu Unobubele’s joyful celebration is followed by UJesu Uyimpendulo’s joyful celebration.
Joyous Celebration – You Are God Alone Joyous Celebration – Akhonamandla
Isango Ngu Jesu, Forever Yours, Liyeza Lelolanga, and others perform “Joyous Celebration”

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