Evvie McKinney – He Did It (Mp3 Download & Lyrics)

Evvie McKinney

The victor of the first season of “The Four: Battle for Stardom,” “Evvie McKinney,” a graduate of Soulsville Charter School and Stax Music Academy, also releases a song called “He Did It” to go with the music video. Enjoy.

Evvie McKinney became well-known after taking first place in the first season of the FOX television singing competition The Four: Battle for Stardom.

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He Did It lyrics By Evvie McKinney

I’ve been tryna make it alright
Going back and forth in my mind
And I gotta find the sunshine
I been waiting on the sunrise
Workin real hard for some money
Ooh I’m out of breath from the runnin
God got me movin kinda funny
Ooh but I know what’s comin

Whatever you want go get it
He’s got a plan, go live it
He’s makin a way every day
He opened the door, go in it
My hands are open
Catch blessings flowing
Oh if there’s a fight I ain’t even gotta win it
He did
I know He did it

Prayers going up
Blessings come down
Gonna be more than enough to go around
Like 1,2,3
Believing is receiving
Said y’all know I believe it

There’s no turning around
No giving up now
Just hold your ground
Cause He won

He made a way
Made a way
He made a way
Made a way

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